Allison + Mat | Married

Allison, her mom, and myself had a pre-wedding timeline meeting at Allisons parents where the first look and reception were  to be held. From the moment I got there, I was so excited for this wedding!

Being at their home, I got to see all of the fun spots on and around their property for photos as we chatted about their day to come.

When the day came, it was nothing but fun, fun, fun!  There was never a dull moment, (especially at the reception!)

Allison had told me that her dance with her father would be pretty funny, and it definitely was. They whooshed all across the dance floor, whipping around and laughing hysterically, with some moves I’ve never seen before.  I couldn’t stop laughing, it was one for the books!

They also had games involving massive blow up dice. Some results included: kiss the groom (Mat got a lot of kisses from many people), do an impression of the bride and groom (they’re both wrestlers so that got intense haha), take a shot and more.

All in all it was a great day, these two are super awesome and I wish them all the best!

Here is a sneak peek into their day!

Olivia xo

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