Ashley + Dan | Married

Ashley and Dan’s wedding was my last wedding of 2015, and it was an awesome day to end the year with!

I shot their engagement photos in Sauble over the summer, and I could tell right away they were my kind of people. There are so many things about this day I loved that if I described it all this blog post would just be way too long:o

Let me just list off a few:

*THAT DRESS, it brought some classic vibes to the photos and looked SO good on Ash (legs for days, seriously).

*We shot in a museum and so therefore have photos with dinosaurs, hilarious and awesome *check*.

*Their reception had a cocktail vibe that I’ve never seen before. There was no arranged seating, (but still had seats) so there was a lot more socializing and movement which was cool to see.

*The people. I really enjoyed hanging out with all of their friends and family all day, it was very fun and relaxed.

I have so many more things I could say about this day but I’ll stop blabbing on and let you take a look for yourself:)

Thank you again Ashley + Dan for an awesome day of shooting!

Olivia xo


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