Declan | Cake Smash

GEWWWW this is s adorable I can’t even, CAN’T EVEN.

Today is Declan’s first birthday (shout out to Declan! woo.) Of course he won’t be reading this..YET, but it’s okay because that’s why we document things through photos right?

Now he will forever have his first taste of bright blue icing documented for all of time.

(special thanks to Meaghan Smith for the cake!)

Get ready for ultimate cuteness…

xo Olivia

Chantelle + Jonathon | Wedding

This was a beautiful wedding!

Jonathon’s parents kindly offered their gorgeous home on Belwood Lake for the ceremony.

The ceremony was outdoors looking onto the lake, and as everyone waited for Chantelle to come down the aisle there was a sudden “WHOOOSH” and no big deal, she passed by in a plane and landed on the lake to make her entrance. It was definitely the most epic wedding entrance I’ve ever seen!

Naturally, when there’s a plane in hand, you MUST take photos with it (I love a good prop, especially when it’s a PLANE!) so we had a fun time with it.

The whole day ran smoothly with many laughs and friendly faces, I’m so happy I got to be a part of it:)

Here is a little peek into their day.


xo Olivia


Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 9.51.48 PM